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Like Patreon but with recruitment

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Discover a brand new way to fund your activity through recruitment!

A recruitment page just for your community

The best of recruitment

Your community can access jobs made for them and be contacted by recruiting teams through your recruitment page. They also benefit from human support in their job search.

100% well-being at work

Our priority is to help people find a job where they will feel good. We carefully select teams following the values of your community.

Easy money

Companies pay you for each recruitment or to post job offers in your community. We manage your recruitment page. Your only job is to share your page with your community!


We only succeed when you succeed

Launch and manage your job board in 5 minutes, without paying anything. We only receive a percentage of the income you earn.


If you have HR knowledge and traffic

0% of your income for 3 months, then 10%

Dedicated recruiting pageTeam management tools and offersCandidate management toolsOnline payment managementGet started for free

And I manage my business!


If you start from scratch

25% of your income

All the features of Lite and...Automatic curation of your pagePromotion to recruiters in the My Little Team networkHR consulting and expert adviceGet started in 5 min

And I got great support all along!


If you prefer to let us manage for you

50% of your income

All the features of Pro and...Curation by hand of your job boardManagement of your recruitersManagement of your candidatesGet started in 5 min

And I don't do anything else!

Loved by candidates!

The rumors are true: candidates love the way we do recruitment.

    • I'm already in❤️ at registration: "Are you actively looking for a team" (yes a team, not necessarily a company), "What are the 2 most important values for you among the following?"

      Caroline Senes
      Frontend developer @Altran
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    • They have an interesting recruitment approach with sorting criteria that I find really makes sense. I hope this more human way of doing things will become the norm. Can't wait to see the sequel!

      Julien Marseille
      Ruby developer @squadracer
      Author's avatar of testimonial 2
    • This will be my #0 tip for people looking for work: contact them. Believe me, there are more reputable recruiters out there who are far from doing such a good job and doing it in such a sincere and human way.

      Fullstack developer @quantic-telecom
      Author's avatar of testimonial 3

What's the FAQ?!

If like us, you take know for an answer, you may be interested in the following Frequently Asked Questions.

How big a community do I need to set up a job board?

As long as your community is qualitative, there's no minimum size to set up your job board. We have a solution for every audience size, and it costs you nothing to set up and run the job board. We do all the HR and admin work while you focus on growing your community.

What's the difference between your job boards and other creator tools like Patreon?

We are complementary to Patreon and other creator tools. We are just another option you can use to monetize your community, and we love to say it is a positive solution as it brings work happiness. So don't wait, and set up your job board!

How long will it take me to create my job board? Is it hard?

It takes 5 minutes of your time, and it's super easy. You just tell us about you and your community and we then create a fully curated job board based on your answers.