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A recruitment platform focused on teams and their values.
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Hi, we're Paul and Yannick, but our gorilla friends call us Tarzan and Jane in the recruitment jungle. We're trying to build a tribe of like-minded teams and teammates who share our values: having fun and taking care of people.

At the end of the day, though, we're just a work psychologist playing plum foot and a financially-literate web developer spending most of his time surfing. We're hardly human beings.

If you think you're weird on this planet and don't belong, you should join our team or our platform, so we can make sure we don't belong together.

My Little Team is the playground for finding your next team. We aim to spark trust in teams like a wildfire because trust makes teams perfect (and we love getting things on fire!).

We do our best to communicate transparently about teams' values and work styles. We also try to showcase what they do beyond (mostly after) work: all work and no play makes no team, right? (if your team is all work, you need us). In other words, we help you find teams you'll want to play ball with.

We're building a platform that allows you to discover teams with missions, values, and a work environment that suit you. Rather than just looking for a job that you have the skills for, we help you find a team in which you will really feel good daily and in the long term.

We allow you to see and filter the teams according to more numerous and precise selection criteria at the level of the team itself: the mission, the values, the management style, the pace of work, relationships, team activities, technical stack, etc.

To limit bias and discrimination during recruitment, we send your profile anonymously to recruiting teams.

Today we offer two solutions: - A platform that references the job offers of teams (selected by us) and allows you to use our filters to find your dream team. - An alert system that allows you to receive offers from teams that correspond to your areas of interest, values ​​, and life balance.

We're also building a community of teams and candidates who share our values.

We need your help to create this community, and maybe, together, we can make our workplaces more than a jungle!

Paul and Yannick

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